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December 14, 2018
Hotels International Chess Club

Shown Princess Hotel chefs Jacques Do and J.P.Glayrouse, members of the Princes Hotel Team looked on by Bermuda chess league member G.Noble.

The Princess Chess Team, a founder member of the Bermuda chess League.

During the last two months Roger Pedro the Staff Club Manager at the Pembroke Princess has organised the chess enthusiasts who used to play in the Staff Club into a team. The team idea started when one of the auditors who is a member of the Bermuda Chess club challenged Roger to a match and this snowballed. Now there are six active chess teams and it is hoped that when the chess League starts next February there will be ten or twelve teams competing.

The Princess team is one of the strongest teams on the island and is only checked by the Bermuda Chess Club which as the name implies was formed solely for the playing chess. To date the Princess has played five friendly matches, two against the Bermuda Chess Club, two against the Bermuda Policeforce and one against the Bank of N.T.Butterfield. The overall result is two wins, a draw and two losses.

The spirit of co-operation between the Bermuda properties is shown in the make-up of the team with three members from Southampton Princess, three from the Pembroke Princess and one from the Waterlot Inn.

We know that when the Chess League games start next February you will all be cheering (quietly)
for the Princess Team and hoping to see their name inscribed on the League Cup.

The League Cup is to be called the Princess Cup and has been donated by the Princess Hotel.

The above article is a reprint of the Prncess News
Volume 1, Edition 4, December 1972 and kindly supplied by Joyce Sankowski.

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